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i could see the veins through your skin like a map to inside you



plot twist: JK rowling writes a series on voldemorts point of view

"i looked in the mirror and cried. i look like an egg"

I think it gets so much easier to let things roll off your back. It’s such a business of hurry up and wait, and if you let it get to you it will drive you absolutely insane…you get to the point where you just say ‘This is filmmaking. This is what you get paid for. Everybody is doing the best they can. It’s what you have to live with.’


welcome to my autumn blog of the season


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the golden trio.

Far To Young To Die | (listen)
A Jily fanmix that will make you cry but will most certainly make you smile

I Wanna Be Yours- Arctic Monkeys// Kiss Me- Ed Sheeran// Secret Door- Arctic Monkeys // Flawless- The Neighbourhood // Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop- Landon Pigg // Black Flies- Ben Howard// Something I Need- One Republic // Somewhere Only We Know- Keane // Never Stop (Wedding Version)- Safety Suit// Oblivion- Bastille // Ribs- Lorde // Born To Die- Lana Del Rey // Buzzcut Season- Lorde // I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab For Cutie // Far Too Young To Die- Panic! At The Disco // A Little Death- The Neighbourhood

Silent River by Igor Shpilenok

Anonymous: when i think of you i think of luna and hermione and molly (from sherlock)

aww what that’s so sweet luna is one of my favorites thank you! :’)

Name three characters you think of when you think of me 

Name three characters you think of when you think of me.

Please, I want so badly for the good things to happen.

  Sylvia Plath, 3 months before her suicide. (via isobutane)  

And so I grew from colt to stallion, as wild and reckless as thunder over the land. Racing with the eagle, soaring with the wind. Flying? There were times I believed I could.


You will marry a high lord and rule his castle, and your sons shall be knights and princes and lords.

No… that’s not me.